About Us

Advanced Flight Training Specialists


Fly Oz are the advanced flight training specialists that take great pride in creating a warm educational atmosphere to all of our students. We cater for students at all levels of their training and aim at making the growth and progression for all students efficient, thorough and above all enjoyable.

Fly Oz is a well established flight training school located in Cowra NSW Australia and is certified under CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) under Part 141 as well as holding certification from ASQA ( Australian Skills Quality Authority) as a Registered Training Organisation.

We are able to offer training for all aviation pilot licences up to Commercial Pilot Licence as well as Ratings including Instrument Rating and Instructor Rating. Endorsement training for Multi Engine Aircraft, Gas Turbine Engine, Pressurisation and all Instructor Rating Endorsements are also available to our students.

Testing for all licences, ratings and endorsements is conducted by our experienced CASA approved Flight Examiner. All CASA ground theory examinations are available on site, saving the students the need to travel away to authorised examination centres.

Our comprehensive range of flying training and testing services for pilots at all levels, include: 

RPL, PPL, CPL, NVFR, IFR and Instructor ratings

Flight reviews and pilot licence and rating testing, up to CPL and multi-engine IFR

A range of endorsements including C/S propeller,  Retractable U/C and Multi-engine

Aircraft endorsements including Cessna Caravan and Beechcraft Kingair

Pilot theory classes (please see our Ground School page for more details)

Our training and aircraft hire rates are listed on our Fleet page.

IFR training for single and Multi engine aircraft


Our Instructors

Fly Oz is much sort after by Instructors as a wonderful place to work and this allows us to select only the highest quality Instructors. Our experienced Instructors expertly teach student pilots from the Initial Sequences all the way through to Multi Engine Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating.

We have vast experience Instructing students from many different countries as well as domestic students. Our program of continuous Instructor skill development allows our Instructors to adapt easily to the needs of the individual student to achieve the optimal learning outcome for all.