The CPL allows you to work in the aviation industry for hire or reward. Careers such as flight instructors, charter and airline pilots, agricultural operations and aerial survey are a few of the roles available to a commercial pilot. Your Commercial Licence authorises you to fly any aircraft in any operation other than:

  • PIC of a multi crew aircraft in a charter or RPT operation.
  • PIC of an aircraft certified for single pilot operation with a max take off weight greater than 5700kg in a RPT operation.
  • PIC of a turbojet aircraft with a max take off weight greater than 3500kg in a RPT operation.


The Commercial Licence Training can be tailored to the specific needs of each student. FlyOz is now a Registered Training Organisation and as a result can offer the Commercial Licence Training as an Integrated course or a Non-Integrated Course. We can design a course for you that takes you from zero experience all the way through to completion or if you have the majority of your required hours already we can tailor a package to polish your skills in preparation for the flight test.



200 hours total aeronautical experience that includes

190 hours of flight time as a pilot

100 hours of flight time as pilot in command

20 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command

10 hours instrument time

5  hours instrument time in an aircraft

These hours are the total hours required for the Commercial Licence so all RPL and PPL hours count.

Course cost includes flight training and CASA Flight testing fees

Flight training and ground theory completed on campus at Cowra Airport.

Four weeks full time or course can be tailored to individual students time table

phone the office or call in and meet the team to work out the best course for you.

Hours quoted are a realistic prediction of student outcomes. Student skill and application may alter these hours. If additional training is required it will be charged at the hourly rate at the student’s expense. CASA PPL Exam not included. Payments can be made in installments but must be made in advance.

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