Ratings and Endorsements

Once you have mastered the art of flying expand your career opportunities with the addition of various ratings and endorsements. At Fly Oz we offer a multitude of ratings and endorsements to cater for your future or current career.


We offer such ratings / Endorsements as

Instructor Rating / Upgrade (META, IRTA)

Night VFR (NVFR) Rating

Design Feature (Retractable, Manual Propeller Pitch Control, Turbine, Pressurisation)

Instrument Ratings ( MECIR, SECIR and PIFR)

Initial Multi Engine Class Rating

Multi Engine Training Approval (META)

The META is designed for current flight instructors to upgrade their skills and be competent to instruct in Multi Engine aircraft.Fly Oz META course will provide you with the skills to safely teachasymmetric sequences, so you will be job ready on completion.

META Syllabus Includes:


  • 20 hours ground briefings
  • All PowerPoint slides for twin training and flight sequences
  • 6.9 hours PA44 training (Including test)
  • META Flight Test PA44
  • PA44 Flight Test Rental
  • META CASA Flight Test fee


Training and Experience Requirements for Test:


  • Commercial Pilot Licence or Air Transport Pilot Licence
  • Current Australian Instructor Rating
  • Aircraft class rating for the specified class
  • At least 50 hours of aeronautical experience as pilot of an aircraft of the specified class

Instrument Ratings

There are several different types of Instrument Rating available for pilots who are ready to take the next step or advance their skills and take on a new challenge. If you are a private pilot who only requires an Instrument Rating for private flying then a Private Instrument Flight Rules (PIFR) may be all you require.

If you wish to fly among the clouds professionally then a Single Engine Command Instrument Rating (SECIR) or a Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) would be more suitable. The MECIR is the minimum requirement for most charter and airline cadet-ship programs. The Fly Oz Syllabus completes the entire training syllabus in a multi engine aircraft, so you will be job ready on completion.

Retractable Undercarriage and Manual Propeller Pitch Control

Retractable Undercarriage and Manual Propeller Pitch Control Endorsements are a necessity for pilots looking to build a career in aviation. Most modern high speed aircraft will have at least one of these features if not both included into their design.   Both endorsements can be conducted simultaneously or individually on they’re own depending on the needs of the student. Training includes all ground theory and flights until proficient.   Training is conducted in a Piper Arrow that hosts both a Manual Propeller Pitch Control and Retractable Undercarriage.

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) Grade 3

The Flight Instructor Rating is designed for Commercial Pilot License holders who wish to gain employment as a Flight Instructor. You will re-learn the basic fundamentals of flying and be given the confidence to deliver this information to the next generation of pilots. The course is integrated to allow you to develop you presentation skills whilst enhancing your flying skills.

Fly Oz FIR Syllabus


  • 32.6 Hours PA28 Dual
  • 20 hours PA28 Mutual Flying
  • 1hr Sim
  • Flight test
  • PA28 rental for flight test (1.3)
  • Ground 120 hours


Training and Experience Requirements for FIR


  • Hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Hold a Spin Flight Activity Endorsement
  • CASA PIRC Exam must be completed prior to the course
  • Complete Fly Oz FIR Syllabus

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