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Multi Engine Training Approval (META)

The META is designed for current flight instructors to upgrade their skills and be competent to instruct in Multi Engine aircraft.Fly Oz META course will provide you with the skills to safely teach asymmetric sequences, so you will be job ready on completion.

Starts 19th of November 2018

Starts 19th of November 2018

Instrument Rating Exam (IREX)

The IREX is the theory component of the Command Instrument Rating, a necessary exam for the grant of a SECIR or MECIR. You will learn the theoretical side of instrument flying and gain a sound knowledge of all the nitty gritty rules imposed on IFR pilots, understand how to read IAL charts, and the meteorological challenges for the various IFR stages of flight. For further information regarding couse contents and duration, click below.

Starts 29th of October 2018

Starts 29th of October 2018

Flight Instructor Rating G3 (FIR)

The Flight Instructor Rating is designed for Commercial Pilot License holders who wish to gain employment as a Flight Instructor. You will re-learn the basic fundamentals of flying and be given the confidence to deliver this information to the next generation of pilots. The course is integrated to allow you to develop your presentation skills whilst enhancing your flying skills.

Starts 5th November 2018

Starts 5th November 2018

Instrument Rating Training Approval

The Instrument Rating Training Approval (IRTA) is the required addition for Flight Instructors who wish to teach the Instrument Rating to their students. The IRTA course runs for 2 weeks and incorporates all the necessary briefs and simulator flights that you will be required to teach to your future students. All ground based aids and GPS approaches including SIDs and STARs are included.

Call for upcoming dates

Call for upcoming dates

All this for only $7,500

Hours quoted are a realistic prediction of student outcomes. Student skill and application mayalter these hours. If additional training is required it will be charged at the hourly rate at thestudent’s expense. Payments can be made in installments but must be made in advance.


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