About Fly Oz International Flight Academy

Whether you are starting your training for a career or pleasure your pathway and progression will follow a standard line starting with the Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) this licence will enable you to take friends and family on local joy flights but as it is a basic licence it will have its restrictions but is a great place to start.

The RPL then leads onto the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) that will give you far more freedom and allow you the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world in an Australian registered aircraft. For those following aviation for pleasure this is all you require. There are many seperate ratings and endorsements available to attach to the PPL but further licence training is not required.

After the PPL is where it starts to become a little more serious. The Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) is the licence you will require in order to be employable. There are seven CASA theory exams to pass and a high standard required to ensure passenger safety and aircraft efficiency.

There are many ratings and endorsements that can be attached along the way, many of them are requirements for professional pilots and others are more specialised for certain sectors, some are just because they are fun. Keep reading below to find out more about each licence seperately or click on the appropriate page above.

Fly Oz Leadership

Lyn Gray

Head of Operations and Chief Flying Instructor

Lyn has been involved in the aviation industry for over 20 years and has instructed for more than 17 years. With a background in education and adult education, Lyn is able to pass on her experience to student pilots and fellow instructors in a very effective way, increasing learning outcomes for all. Lyn’s many years of experience allows her to instruct in all sequences for licences and ratings as well as the more complex aircraft such as Kingairs and Cessna Caravans and training pilots for endorsements such as pressurisation and gas turbine engine.

Mark Dixon

Assistant Head of Operations and Deputy Chief Flying Instructor

Mark also comes to aviation with a background in adult education and training. He has been a pilot for over ten years and an enthusiast instructor for over five years. His dedication to learning allows him to instruct in all sequences for licences and ratings as well as the more complex aircraft such as Cessna Caravans and training pilots for endorsements such as gas turbine engine.

Fly Oz Facilities

Fly Oz is located at Cowra Airport in a brand new, state of the art classroom and hangar facility. All classrooms are fitted with the very latest projection technology and individually air conditioned for student comfort. We also have separate large student study rooms with all the facilities to let students work uninterrupted in total comfort. The hangar facility was built to accommodate the future growth and expansion of the business. As a result, the facilities are ready to accommodate a large intake of students at any time, providing Fly Oz with the opportunity to receive intakes of students immediately.

Fly Oz Instructors

Fly Oz is much sought after by Instructors as place to work and this allows us to select only the highest quality Instructors. Our experienced Instructors expertly teach student pilots from the Initial Sequences all the way through to Multi Engine Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating.

The instructors have extensive experience instructing students from many different countries and cultures as well as Australians of various cultural backgrounds. Our program of continuous Instructor skill development allows our Instructors to adapt easily to the needs of the individual student to achieve the optimal learning outcome for all.

Fly Oz Fleet

Our well-maintained fleet of aircraft consist of single engine Piper Cherokee Aircraft, Piper Seminole and Beechcraft Duchess Multi Engine Aircraft and a Cessna Citation soon to be added. The aircraft are fitted with the latest technology including GPS and ADS-B, allowing flight in VFR, NVFR and IFR in all classes of airspace.

Fly Oz currently has several contracts with aircraft providers, which enables us to increase our capacity quickly as the demand for our services grows. We have grown by over 500% in the past 3 years and have met and exceeded all training requests and programs which we have undertaken. We are eager to grow further and are ready to create further long term strategic partnerships to provide high quality training to the next generation of pilots.


Cowra is located about 4 hours’ drive west of Australia’s Largest City, Sydney and about 2 hours from Australia’s national capital, Canberra. Cowra Airport is located within the beautiful Lachlan Valley which is a rich agricultural area surrounded by rolling hills. The Lachlan River runs through the town and Wyangala Dam which feeds the river is about 15km East of Cowra.

Cowra is an excellent airport for all forms of pilot training. Located in Class G airspace, students can enjoy learning in a non-complicated location with weather that allows over 340 flyable days per year. As student skills develop, our proximity to different types of Controlled Airspace gives our students the ability to develop skills and confidence in all aviation environments. Despite having great weather in Cowra we can easily fly to areas with less stable weather patterns, allowing our students the opportunity to experience all types of conditions.

International Flight Training

Fly Oz has Australian government approval to train students under the 407 Training VISA and CRICOS subclass 600 international student VISA for formal courses. This allows our international students two separate pathways to access flight training with Fly Oz at our Cowra Campus.

Fly Oz is available to provide bridging training for overseas flight instructors and ab initio pilots to achieve CASA accreditation. Fly Oz already has an international training contract with International Aviation College (IAC), Nakhon Phanom University in Thailand. The contract is for Fly Oz to provide flight and ground training for the issue of Australian CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Instructor Rating. We are currently training the second group of Royal Thai Air Force instructors from IAC who are due for completion in August 2018.

The Fly Oz Advantage

Student pilots, qualified pilots and flight instructors seeking to upgrade their skills and to be recertified travel from all around Australia and from Asia, Europe and North America to be trained at Fly Oz. The main advantages in studying at Fly Oz are:

  • We have a stable team of very experienced Instructors who take students from start to finish, no matter what qualification is being sought.
  • We understand the importance of keeping to our timetable and maintain student progress at all times. As a result, our programs are all completed on time.
  • The location of Cowra Airport gives students more actual airtime for eachlesson rather than wasting precious flying time with long taxis or flight to distant training area.
  • Every Licence, Rating and endorsement can be tested at Cowra.
  • All aircraft maintenance is to the highest standard.
  • Our weather allows for maximum flying days each year.

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