Multi Engine Command

Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating


The MECIR is the minimum requirement for most charter and airline cadetship programs. Fly Oz Syllabus completes the entiretraining syllabus in a multi engine aircraft, so you will be job ready on completion.

MECIR Syllabus Includes:


  • 20 hours Simulator time
  • All Simulator briefings: 10 hours
  • 20 hours PA44 (Night can be Included)
  • All twin and IFR briefings: 10 hours
  • MECIR Flight Test
  • PA44 Flight Test Rental: 3 hours
  • CIR Test fee
  • KDR’s and Flight test ground: 5 hours


Training and Experience Requirements for Test:


  • 40 hours instrument time total
  • 10 hours cross-country dual instrument time in a multiengine aircraft
  • 5 hours night flight total
  • 1 hours of night flight as pilot in command
  • 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot in command

Hours quoted are a realistic prediction of student outcomes. Student skill and application mayalter these hours. If additional training is required it will be charged at the hourly rate at thestudent’s expense. Payments can be made in installments but must be made in advance.

Course cost includes 17 hours Multi training.

All flight training and ground theory completed on campus at Cowra Airport.

4 week full time course (Approx. 3 weeks if prior ME class rating)

1 week (40 Hours) IREX exam prep course can be added for only $880

All this for only $16,900


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