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Our Story

Fly Oz Cowra prides itself on its superior training and student experience. But don’t just take our word for it, in 2019 we were awarded the Excellence in Small business award from the Cowra Business Chamber and our Head of Operations, Lyn Gray, was awarded the Flight Instructor of the year by the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2018. Our award winning training courses have been exceeding industry and student expectations since 2013, allowing Fly Oz to become the Industry leading flight training organisation.

Student pilots, licensed pilots and flight instructors seeking to upgrade their skills, travel from all around Australia, Asia, Europe and North America to be trained at Fly Oz. The main advantages in studying at Fly Oz are:

We have a stable team of very experienced Instructors who take students from start to finish, no matter what qualification is being sought.

We understand the importance of keeping to our timetable and maintain student progress at all times. As a result, our programs are all completed on time.

The location of Cowra Airport gives students more actual airtime for each lesson rather than wasting precious flying time with long taxis or flight to a distant training area.

Every Licence, Rating and endorsement can be tested at Cowra.

All aircraft maintenance is to the highest standard.

Our weather allows for maximum flying days each year.

Our Facilities

Fly Oz is located at Cowra Airport in a brand new, state of the art classroom and hangar facility. All classrooms are fitted with the very latest projection technology and individually air conditioned for student comfort. We also have separate large student study rooms with all the facilities to let students work uninterrupted in total comfort. The hangar facility was built to accommodate the future growth and expansion of the business. As a result, the facilities are ready to accommodate a large intake of students at any time, providing Fly Oz with the opportunity to receive intakes of students immediately. Fly Oz has accommodation available. Please contact us to find out more information.


Fly Oz is much sought after by Instructors as place to work and this allows us to select only the highest quality Instructors. Our experienced Instructors expertly teach student pilots from the Initial Sequences all the way through to being a Multi Engine Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating. Our instructors have extensive experience instructing students from many different countries and cultures as well as Australians of various cultural backgrounds.

Our program of continuous Instructor skill development allows our Instructors to adapt easily to the needs of the individual student to achieve the optimal learning outcome for all. Combined, our instructors each have over 1000+ hours of flying experience and in excess of 500 hours of instructing in all aeroplanes and flight sequences.

GRADE 1 INSTRUCTORS Lyn, Mark, Christian, Paul and Kar Sing
GRADE 2 INSTRUCTORS Ben, Brenden and Rodney
GRADE 3 INSTRUCTORS Allison and Chris (part time)
Lyn Gray, Fly Oz Head of Operations and CFI

Lyn Gray

Head of Operations and Chief Flying Instructor

Mark Dixon, Fly Oz Deputy Head of Operations and CEO

Mark Dixon

Deputy Head of Operations and Chief Executive Officer

Christian, Fly Oz Grade 1 Instructor


Grade 1 Instructor

Paul Whelan, Fly Oz Grade 1 Instructor


Grade 1 Instructor

Ben, Fly Oz Grade 2 Instructor


Grade 2 Instructor

Brenden, Fly Oz Grade 2 Instructor


Grade 2 Instructor

Allison, Fly Oz Grade 3 Instructor


Grade 3 Instructor

Rodney, Fly Oz Grade 3 Instructor


Grade 3 Instructor

Maria, Fly Oz Compliance Manager


Compliance Manager

Kar-Sing, Fly Oz Grade 2 Instructor


Grade 2 Instructor