Flight Simulator

Cirrus-based synthetic trainer

As close as you can get to the real thing. Our simulator provides an immersive and realistic training environment for both visual and instrument pilots. Sitting in a real SR22 airframe, the wrap-around visual system provides a sensation of motion as you turn, climb, and descend. The simulator is ideal for the pilot looking to add fidelity and immersion to their ground training.


  • Instrument / IFR procedures, including holding, 2D, 3D and LPV approaches
  • Detailed avionics simulation, including synthetic vision, flight director and autopilot
  • All weather conditions, day or night, precipitation, and icing
  • Become familiar with VFR approach points and busy airspace
    e.g., Bankstown/Canberra
  • Emergency procedure simulation, including ballistic recovery system deployment
  • Safely experience and grow your capacity for task saturation under time pressure, in a high-performance single


  • Immersive 160-degree visual system based on accurate satellite imagery
  • Extensive glass cockpit avionics package based on Garmin Perspective Plus
  • Linked and weighted yoke with electric trim
  • Accurate flight model and handling, based on a Cirrus SR22
  • Up-to-date AIRAC, approaches and navaids, etc
  • Detailed navigation, flight plan and engine management synoptic pages
  • Authentic airframe, interior, sounds and eye point

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