AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation

(Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

This qualification allows you to work in the aviation industry and it is the first step for those who wish to be a professional pilot within regular passenger transport, charter, agricultural operations, and aerial surveying.

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The VET Student Loan (VSL) program is an Australian Government assistance loan that helps eligible VET students, studying for a diploma qualification or higher, to pay their tuition fees. The Diploma In Aviation Courses offered by Fly Oz are eligible for these loans.

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Entry Requirements

  • Class 1 Medical certificate
  • Aviation English ICAO Level 4 or IELTS 6.0
  • Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • Be at least 17 years of age.

Course Outcomes and Pathways

Hours quoted are a realistic prediction of student outcomes. Student skill and application may alter these hours. If additional training is required, it will be at the hourly rate at the student’s expense. Payments can be made in instalments but must be made in advance.

Volume of Learning

The volume of learning allocated to a qualification will vary depending on the level of the qualification and the experience and competency of the student. As per the Australian Quality Framework, students must complete the allocated hours for the qualification they are undertaking in order to achieve competency. If the student applies for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer, the volume of learning may be reduced. The hours that make up the volume of learning for AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane) are shown in the table below.



Face-to-Face Learning and assessments- conducted over 15 hours per week for a period of 46 weeks including ground briefings, flight times and simulator training. 690
Students will be required to study an additional 10 hours per week in their own time 460
Total Volume of Learning 1150

Course Structure

This course is structured to ensure that students receive adequate training in AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (CPL). This includes 46 weeks of classroom-based training of 15 hours per week face-to-face delivery. Students are required to conduct some learning away from the flying school for about 10 hours per week.

The qualification is made up of 29 units of competency which consists of 28 core units and 1 elective.

Units chosen by Fly Oz are based on industry requirements to align with CASA flying licencing requirements.

Course Fees*


Fly Oz takes applications every 12 weeks.


AVIE0006 Maintain aircraft radio communications 10
AVIF0026 Implement aviation risk management processes 25
AVIF0027 Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes 20
AVIF0029 Implement threat and error management strategies 12.5
AVIF0030 Manage safe flight operations 30
AVIF0033 Manage aircraft passengers and cargo 20
AVIF0035 Manage human factors in aviation operations 20
AVIH0010 Plan a flight under visual flight rules 30
AVIH0014  Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules 70
AVILIC0003 Licence to operate a commercial aeroplane 0
AVIO0017 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation 10
AVIW0029  Manage pre- and post-flight actions 20
AVIW0032 Operate and manage aircraft systems 20
AVIY0033 Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments 50
AVIY0034 Operate in controlled airspace 20
AVIY0035 Operate in Class G airspace 25
AVIY0036 Operate at non-towered aerodromes 20
AVIY0037 Operate at a controlled aerodrome 20
AVIY0040 Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations 7.5
AVIY0041 Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations 5
AVIY0083 Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures 35
AVIY0047 Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations 25
AVIY0054 Control aeroplane on the ground 10
AVIY0055 Take off aeroplane 15
AVIY0056 Control aeroplane in normal flight 30
AVIY0057 Land aeroplane 20
AVIY0058 Manage aircraft fuel 10
AVIZ0006 Manage situational awareness in aircraft flight 100
AVIH0015 Plan a flight under night visual flight rules 10
Total face to face hours 690

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