Commercial Pilot Licence Course

General Information

The CPL allows you to work in the aviation industry for hire or reward. Careers such as flight instructors, charter and airline pilots, agricultural operations and aerial survey are a few of the roles available to a commercial pilot.

Our commercial course is a comprehensive package, includes all dual and solo flight training required to get you skilled for your first job as a pilot:

  • Constant Speed Propellor and Retractable Undercarriage endorsements
  • Your Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • A Night VFR rating (enabling you to fly at night)
  • A Multi Engine Class Rating (enabling you to fly a multi engine aircraft)
  • A Commercial Pilot Licence (enabling you to work as a pilot)

Fly Oz can design a specific package to suit your experience and/or needs. Contact us to arrange this.

Course Requirements

  • IELTS Level 6 minimum.
  • Be at least 18 years of age to be issued a CPL.
  • Pass a Class 1 medical and hold an ASIC.
  • Complete Fly Oz CPL Syllabus.

Our Syllabus

All inclusive course package from your first flight through to your CPL test

200 Hours Flying

Including 10hrs simulator, 100hrs solo, 15hrs night and 15hrs multi-engine.

4 Flight Test

PPL, Night VFR, Multi Engine and CPL Flight Tests.

12 Months

Completed Monday to Friday, weekly. Course can be tailored to individual needs.


Package deal including all syllabus flying hours, ground theory, flight test and landing fees.