How to Get Commercial Pilot Licence in Australia?

By Fly Oz
Apr 08, 2022

Being a commercial pilot definitely has its benefits. Aside from the material benefits that you can receive for this specialised skill, the best part is that you get to travel to different places locally or around the world, meet new people and enjoy a variety of experiences. As a commercial pilot, here are some of the exciting employment opportunities in aviation that you can pursue:

  • Airline Pilot
  • Business/Corporate Aviation Pilot
  • Medical/Air Ambulance Pilot
  • Cargo Pilot
  • Agricultural Pilot/Crop Duster
  • Charter/Air Taxi Pilot
  • Aerial surveyor
  • Aircraft flight training instructor


The following tasks are the typical responsibilities that a commercial pilot is expected to fulfil:

  • Prepare the aircraft for flight
  • Check the aircraft’s weight and that all cargo has been loaded safely
  • Check the fuel and verify weather conditions
  • Coordinate with Air Traffic Control in flight
  • Keep an eye on aircraft systems during the flight, such as fuel consumption
  • Update passengers on flight-related conditions
  • Ensure a safe take-off and landing


If you’ve always wanted to become a professional commercial pilot, you need to obtain a commercial pilot licence (CPL). Here are the guidelines to help you fulfil the requirements in order to have a CPL in accordance with the Australian government’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Note that you’ll need other types of pilot licences, depending on the kind of aircraft and its purpose. For this article, we will focus on how to get a CPL.


What is the CPL for?

Under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, having a CPL allows you to fly an aircraft for private and commercial purposes. You’ll also need the CPL to be eligible in obtaining other pilot licences such as air transport pilot licence (ATPL) or for military flight crew and overseas operations.

Having a CPL also means you are authorised to fly a particular type of aircraft. Before you get a CPL, you should apply for at least one of these aircraft category ratings that you intend to operate: aeroplane, helicopter, powered-lift aircraft, gyroplane, and airship. You will also need to apply for a class rating (single-engine aeroplane/helicopter/gyroplane, multi-engine aeroplane, and airship) and/or a type rating for more complex aircraft.


What are the requirements to get a CPL?

You should comply with the following mandates in order to obtain a CPL:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a private pilot licence (PPL)
  • Should have a certain level of English proficiency
  • Undergo the required medical exams and get a Class 1 medical certificate


How do you apply for a CPL?

Here are the required steps to obtain a CPL for the aircraft category rating that you’ve selected:

  • Take commercial pilot licence courses to learn the theory and undergo training sessions with a licensed aircraft flight training operator
  • Assess your English proficiency with a general English language assessment such as the International English Language Testing System (IETLS)
  • Take and pass the CPL theory examinations
  • Fulfil the minimum flying experience required for the category, class and type rating that you’ve chosen
  • Take and pass a CPL flight examination in accordance with the Manual of Standards (MOS)


Cowra flight training for commercial pilot licence

How to Get Commercial Pilot Licence in Australia

Fly Oz is an industry-leading aircraft flight training specialist located in Cowra, NSW. We provide the education, the training and the skills development that you need to achieve your goal in becoming a licensed commercial pilot. We are CASA-certified and we are also a Registered Training Organisation with certification from Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Through our commercial pilot licence course, you’ll receive the AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation, Commercial Pilot Licence which includes the CASA Commercial Pilot Licence. This licence is the required qualification if you want to establish a professional career in the aviation industry as a commercial pilot. Each of our expert instructors have over 1,000+ hours of flying experience and more than 500 hours of flight instruction. Our facilities are based at Cowra Airport with modern classroom and hangar amenities to give you an optimum learning experience. You’ll waste no time in applying the lessons from the classroom to the skies.

The course includes 46 weeks (15 hours per week) of face-to-face, classroom-based training. There will also be 10 hours allotted per week for students to conduct lessons away from the flight school. All subjects and units in the course are in compliance with the industry standards of CASA’s licensed flight training requirements. The course fee is $79,900, plus a pre-enrolment aptitude assessment of $250.

Learn more details about our commercial pilot licence course by downloading our free course guide here. Ready to turn your dreams of becoming a pilot into a reality? Just give us a call us on 02 6342 1812, email your enquiries at [email protected], or fill up our contact form and our representatives will assist you right away.