What are the Advantages of Attending our IREX Theory Course?

By Fly Oz
Sep 22, 2022

Fly Oz conducts many ground theory courses each year from our modern and comfortable facilities at Cowra, NSW. Our IREX course is presented by knowledgeable and experienced Instructors who are able to pass on their years of practical flying and teaching experience to all their students. This has allowed us to achieve over 95% of our class participants passing their CASA IREX on their first attempt. The classroom setting allows the Instructors to engage fully with their students, reading their body language and listening to their questions to better target areas students find more challenging and immediately addressing their concerns.

Modern, spacious classroom facilities with projectors allows the Instructors to smoothly go between displaying text books, CASA rules and regulations, IFR charts and approach charts to give the students the most effective training while ensuring that all area are fully covered. Visual presentations, models and videos all assist the student in fully understanding the topic. Being able to apply their new information in a practical way ensures that the new information is better retained.

Our IREX course is suitable for PPL and CPL pilots who wish to achieve their Instrument Rating or Private IFR (PIFR) as well as for qualified Instrument Rated pilots who would like a revision of rules, procedures and CASA regulations.

There are many advantages to students learning in a friendly classroom environment. More students asking questions allows all participants to get the advantage of the extra insight from the Instructor which helps to clarify complex issues. There is also the social benefit of students being with others on the same journey. During class breaks, they can informally chat and compare their understanding and perhaps form new questions for the Instructor.

Study buddies can make on-going study easier to stick to while multiple people working together on a problem can more quickly find the combination of regulations, procedures and charts that will supply the answers. Often, students in our courses form long term friendships with their fellow aviators.

Keeping up to date with the ever-changing CASA regulations can be daunting, but our Instructors specialize on staying current and know where to locate rules and regulations.

Practice CASA exams give our class members the opportunity to experience how CASA exams questions are phrased as well as the ability to scrutinize the question to see what information is essential and which information is just ‘filler’. Students learn where to look for regulations and how to apply these to solving the question. This practice makes students quicker, ensuring they have ample time to complete the entire exam and they are far more confident in their ability to correctly apply what they know to achieve safe instrument flying. This also allows students to be familiar with only the allowable materials permitted in the actual CASA exam.

Advantages of Attending our IREX Theory Course

Developing into a safe, competent and confident Instrument Rated pilots, ready to start work in the aviation industry is built on having sound theoretical and practical knowledge combined with exemplary simulator and in-flight training. Fly Oz has an excellent track record and our past students are highly sort after in the aviation industry. Our enthusiastic instructors make instrument rating training fun while meeting the individual needs of our many students to give them the most solid start possible to their aviation career!